The recent game count on *Mapesu Private Game Reserve in September showed that we are heading in the right direction. Although aerial counts are effected by a large number of variables that mean they can never be completely accurate they serve as a valuable guide upon which to base management decision. By combining the data collected through the aerial count together with ongoing known-group counts, drive counts as well as camera trapping we can safely say that the following species occur in these numbers.

Increases indclude, zebra, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, impala, eland, kudu, duikers, steenbok, bushbuck,  as well as plenty of warthogs, giraffes. The two teams counting also saw African wild cat as well as a civet from the air. Through the various other counting systems we use we can also ascertain that the carnivores on the reserve are flourishing with observations of leopards with cubs in two distinct regions as well as a very active hyena den on the property.

It also brings us great joy to have introduced a herd of 7 elephants onto the reserve recently. As a keystone species these large pachyderms will help mold and shape the bush to the benefit of the other species on the reserve.

*Mopane Bush Lodge is located on the Mapesu Private Game Reserve in norther Limpopo.