Our very famous potjie pot, is extremely traditional in the South African Region. A get together is not complete without a Pot on the open coal fire. This pot is usually made with meat and vegetables, but with time it has become so versatile that almost anything can be cooked in the pot.

The pot is made from cast iron to keep in the heat, and to cook the content to perfection. The ingredients for a traditional pot is usually meat and vegetables, Minimal amount of water is used due to the vegetables and meat providing most of the liquid in the pot. This pot is not stirred until the last 10 minutes, reason for this is it prevents all the liquid from mixing, which makes all the ingredients stand out and tasting each component of the pot. Because no stirring occurs the coals need to be at a perfect low to medium temperature. Potjiekos originated with the Voortrekkers, evolving as a stew made of venison and vegetables (if available), cooked in the potjie. As trekkers (pioneers) shot wild game, it was added to the pot. The large bones were included to thicken the stew.

Each day when the wagons stopped, the pot was placed over a fire to simmer. New bones replaced old and fresh meat replaced meat eaten. Game included venison, poultry such as guinea fowl, warthog, bushpig, rabbit and hare. And other meat such as pork, beef, chicken and sometimes Afvall is used. The Pot is served with Rice, mealies (Samp) or maize meal. A delicious Beetroot salad or a lovely creamy pot bread.

When visiting South Africa, or when you are hosting in South Africa, Potjie Kos is definitely the supreme!