A World Heritage Site You Need to See to Believe

Let these ancient hunter gatherers speak to you through their strange and mystical paintings across the vast expanses of time.

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“How is one moved by dusty old ochre graffiti?” you may ask. Well, let me tell you that a stroll through virgin bush country on paths created by wildlife to view what can only be described as the temples of the San is to step into an age before colonialism, before Iron Age Bantu civilizations, before Africa changed. The timelessness of these rock shelters and the images that adorn them speak of a continent wild and primeval, of a belief system that tied these diminutive people inexorably to the landscape and its denizens. They were, in their own staccato language, the first people.

Spending time in reflection, surrounded by ancient art painted on a rock, is an exercise in understanding and connecting with the very soul of our land. The art is a language that we are still trying to interpret; yet the underlying message is evident if you sit and gaze at the rock face and the art on it, if you listen to the wind and the birdsong. The images speak for the San:”We were here, we hunted here, and we worshipped this place and the living creatures within it. We knew this land and the land accepted us. The earth and the people were interwoven. We are gone now, it has all changed…but we were here before, we walked these game paths, hunted these valleys and lived in harmony with it all… before…when the earth was young”.

Guided tours to examples of this unique rock art collection can be arranged through Mopane Bush Lodge. Should you be interested, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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